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>> finally tonight, we try to write interesting lead ins to things, explain things clearly. there were a lot of news worthy stories this week, but it seems local television anchors may think one tops them all. >> if you filled up your gas tank lately, then you don't need to us tell you gas prices are on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell you gas prices are back on the rise.
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>> you don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell that you gas prices are back on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell you that gas prices are on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell that you gas prices are back on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell you gas prices are back on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell that you gas prices are back on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell you gas prices are back onment rise. >> you don't need us to tell that you gas prices are back on the rise. >> you don't need us to tell you gas prices are on the rise. i know. >> you don't -- thanks, everybody. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight a brand-new legal threat for lance armstrong.
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now the feds are joining a suit against the disgraced cyclist. plus, he's getting out of jail, the blade runner. he's walking free. even though he admits he killed his magazine model girlfriend. tonight the conditions of his bail, the reaction in south africa. and what the friends of that dead model say about this. manhunt for the vegas strip capitol hillers. investigators say they shot up a maserati and left three people dead. >> make no mistake, we're going to pursue these individuals. >> shepard: tonight armed and dangerous and on the loose. but first on fox this friday night, the blade runner is free while his girl friend lies dead. a judge granted bail for oscar
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pistorius. the decision comes after hours of testimony and nine days after the blade runner shot and killed his cover model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he has been claiming all along that he thought his girlfriend was actually an intruder hiding in his bathroom. that was valentine's day. that's when the shooting happened. a tragic accident, he says. the judge said the blade runner's story has improbabilities and he questioned why pistorius couldn't determine who was hiding in the bathroom before he fired through the door. but he also criticized the former lead investigator in the case for what he called errors and blunders. and he said this story presented enough evidence that he should go free until the trial. no cameras during the announcement. so some listened to the judge's decision on a car radio outside. >> i come to the conclusion that you submitted a case to be released. >> released on bail. celebration there is, but no
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solace or the family of the girlfriend. one said, quote, it doesn't make any difference what happens to pistorius because nothing can bring back the woman he killed. greg palkot is live in south africa. you were in the courtroom today. how did he react? >> we were sitting about five feet away from oscar pistorius and we watched as he broke down several times during those proceedings, including the announcement of the granting of that bail. even as the family cheered. there are a lot of restrictions to it. he's got to give up his passports and firearms he's got left, alcohol. he's got to check in regularly. for the moment, at least, he is free. the cost of $113,000. friday night at his uncle's house with family member examines his trainer is even talking about getting the blade runner back on the track. >> shepard: where does the case go now, greg? >> you were right, a judge criticized both prosecution and
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defense, but critically, while he qualified it a bit, he stuck by that premeditated murder charge against poise storeious and that carries a life sentence. both sides jockey for legal position. it is hard to believe that this case already being dubbed the o. j. simpson trial of south africa, hasn't even really begun yet. >> shepard: greg palkot live, early saturday morning. the disgraced cyclist, lance armstrong, is now in trouble with the feds. the justice department announced today that it has joined a civil suit that accuses armstrong of defrauding his long-time sponsor, the u.s. postal service. as you'll recall, he last month admitted that he did indeed use performance enhancing drugs to win all seven of his tour defrance titles. the u.s. anti-doping agency accused him of running, quote, the most sophisticated professionalized and successful doping program that sports has ever seen. but this week lance armstrong's
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attorney said he will not be testifying under oath about what he did. the lawsuit alleges armstrong and his fellow riders knowingly violated their contract with the postal service by using druses. he claims they tarnished the postal service's reputation and it claims they pocketed $30 million in the process. of course, lance armstrong's attorneys dispute the allegations and in a statement today said, the postal service's own studies show that the service benefited tremendously from its sponsorship, benefits totaling $100 million. rich edison from the "fox business" network live from d.c how much could this cost lance armstrong? >> he and his cycling team's management, potentially morn $90 million. the government is suing armstrong under the false claims act. that means the justice department can ask for triple the 30 million it's claim not guilty damages. the government joins the suit already filed by his former teammate. he was stripped of the 2006 tour defrance title for doping and is one of the earliest to accuse armstrong of using performance
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enhancing drugs. if he and the government win their case against armstrong, landis could make millions. as a federal whistle blower, he could reportedly be entitled up to a quarter of the penalty. >> shepard: rich, didn't lance armstrong try to settle this out of court? >> yes. in a statement his attorney writes, lance and his representatives were constructively over these last weeks with federal lawyers to resolve this case fairly. but those talks failed because we disagree about whether the postal service was damaged. the u.s. postal service says its brand is now associated with the most sophisticated doping program cycling has ever seen and in today's economic climate, the u.s. postal service is simply not in a position to allow lance armstrong or any of the other defendants to walk away with the tens of millions of dollars they illegitimately procured. usps is in financial trouble. >> shepard: rich edison live in dc. fox extreme weather alert
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now. that monster snow storm buried parts of new england. the third major one in just the last three weeks. every weekend they get it. the storm has already swept across just about the entire country. yesterday the central plains got blasted. the storm already killed at least four people, canceled hundreds of flights, closed roads and highways all over the place. there was even some rare snow storm lightning. you don't see that every day. now the northeast is back in the cross hairs, from northern connecticut to maine. with us now, nick gregory. how are we looking? >> hey, on target, that storm is headed into the northeast. the initial part of that storm is heading up toward why lakes area. but another version of that will get going and slide to the southeast of new york city and eventual towards southeastern sections of new england and intensify as it goes by. good news, new indications are it will be a little weaker than we were thinking and also a
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little further south and east. as you look at the forecast into tomorrow, it's just rain for the big city, philly, new york, mix of rain and snow in providence and hartford. into boston. and then it continues o advance with heavier snow to fall in central ex ises of new england and then that storm moves along and pulls out of the way early next week. it will still leave a sizable amount of about three or six inches to boston. two or three in hartford. the old storm is still causing snow across the northern plains states. a swath from the u.p. of michigan into wisconsin. just when that was out, look what's diving into the pacific northwest. another storm that will dive across the rockies and produce snow from there on into the plains states into early next week. >> shepard: nick gregory from wnyw. thank you. passengers on a flight that landed in cleveland got a scare when the plane skidded off an icy runway. these are pictures from some of the passengers. they had been in fort
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lauderdale. a spokesman tells us the entire united jet ended up in the snowy grass. nobody reported any injuries and buses got all the passengers to the terminal and yes, they would rather be in fort lauderdale. breaking news out of washington state. a half dozen tanks of nuclear waste have reportedly started leaking. this is breaking now. we'll explain the situation as we know it and check on the potential danger coming up. plus vegas casinos making moves to let you legally gamble from your living room. no matter where you live. how that works and what has to happen before you can start buying chips from the journalist of fox news on this friday fox report it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains.
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>> shepard: there is breaking news now on fox news channel and the governor of the state of washington now says a half dozen radioactive waste tanks are leaking. those tanks all at the houstonford nuclear reservation in south central washington.
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that site has more than 170 tanks, all apparently past their 20-year life span. jonathan hunt monitoring developments on this from our news room. with knew that site had some problems, right? >> exactly one week ago, shep, washington state governor told us that he had been told by energy secretary steven chiou that one tank was leaking. he said at the time he was alarmed and deeply concerned. one assumes that alarm and concern is way deeper tonight because we now know that six of those tanks are leaking. the governor released a statement and i'm going to read it to you as we have it. i met with secretary chiou in washington, d.c. this afternoon and he told me that the department of energy has now confirmed there are six tanks leaking radioactive waste at hanford. there is no immediate or near term health risk associated with these leaks which are more than
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ten miles from the columbia river. but none the less, this is disturbing news for all washingtonians. one week ago secretary chiou said there was one tank leaking, but he told me today his department did not properly analyze data that he had that would have shown the other tanks that are leak. hanford is the most contaminated nuclear waste site in the entire country. plutonium for some 60,000 weapons was made there, including for the first atomic bomb and the one that was detonated over nagasaki, japan. in all, there are 177 tanks of this radioactive toxic sludge, 149 of those are just single shell tanks and it's the single shell tanks that are leaking now. six of them right now. but clearly, there is great concern that there could be more despite the fact that the governor is saying no immediate
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or near term health risk to the local population. shep. >> shepard: very good. thanks. police in four states are now searching for the suspects in that crazy car to car shooting in the heart of the las vegas strip yesterday. so far all the investigators have to say that is that they're going on a rough description. dark tinted windows, black suv and a dealer advertisement inside a license plate. anyway, three people died in this. six others wounded when a gunman in the suv opened fire on a high end sports car that. resulted in a multi car crash and an explosion on one of sin city's busiest streets. right in front of the caesar's palace. police say they have no idea who pulled the trigger or triggers, but now we're learning more about the victims. >> our lives will be forever changed by this tragedy. it will be forever changed by the violence that these men created on that street. >> witnesses say that violence included bullets flying down the
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vegas strip in a car chase that ended with a fire ball. >> actually pretty surreal. you don't expect to see anything like that in the middle of las vegas boulevard. >> shepard: investigators say it started in the valet in the air i can't casino and escalated into a shoot out on las vegas boulevard. a black range rover fired shots at a gray maserati, while speeding past founts. it came to a sudden end when the maserati ran a red light and crashed into a taxi. the range rover drove away. cell phone video captured the flames after the crash. cops say the maserati's driver died and that a passenger survived with gunshot wounds. family members identified the driver as a 27-year-old aspiring rapper. >> for the record, my son did not have a gun. my son was ambushed. that's what happened. >> shepard: the crash killed the taxi driver, along with one of his passengers. and tonight the taxi driver's brother says he has a new life
4:18 pm
mission, make sure the people responsible for this are brought to justice. >> i don't know what their affiliation is, if it's gang. but they're since and stupid men and they must pay. >> shepard: to attend, police have spoken to numerous witnesses and that they're following up on what they call a mountain of leads. perhaps most important of all, they say the wounded passenger from the maserati, the one who survived, is now cooperating with the police. the shooting scene is also near the location of one of the most high profile, unsolved murders in recent memory. the driver by shooting of west coast rapper, tupac shakur. in 1996, gunmen opened fire on him while he was ride not guilty a car just down the road from where yesterday's shooting took place. the rapper died of his wounds a few days later. and to this day, prosecutors have never charged a single person in that crime. the governor has just signed a bill that could bring in a slew of gambling dollars to nevada.
4:19 pm
this bill legalizes on-line poker across the state of nevada. but other states will need to set up their own agreements with nevada before the games can start. this marks a big victory for vegas over rivals in new jersey who were working on new gambling laws of their only keep in mind, 15 million play on-line gambling. they say gaming brought in $5 billion in revenue world wide. most of it going to companies outside the united states. they're bus tours of new york city, hollywood, san francisco, gracend -- graceland. and now one of the u.s.-mexico borrowed. that's next. plus, nearly three years after the oil spill that devastated the gulf coast, the civil trial is finally about to go to court with billions of dollars on the line and lots of everyday folks who are in need. the oil company bp is digging in for a fight and we have a trial preview just head
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>> shepard: a closer look at an area many of us might want to avoid. the arizona based business is now offering a tours to the united states-mexico border. it's advertising them as educational trips to the hotbed of illegal immigration. tourists get a chance to speak with a real federal official, plus ranchers and other folks who live and work in the area. while the trip doesn't cross the border into mexico, the company advises those who are not american citizens should bring proper documents for when the tour stops at u.s. checkpoints. adam housley within along for a ride. how was the tour? >> well, it was quite a tour. we've been on a lot of these areas ourselves. but to actually see how people see it for the first time was quite interesting. we have a map, we can give you how our route went.
4:24 pm
we started in tucson, headed a south or so, stopped at one of those water stations along the way. met with some of the people along the borrowedder and when you talk to the man who started this thing, who is also the tour guide, he'll tell you it's not only educational, but makes people quite happy to see what's going on down here. bob actually helped start this a couple years ago with the help of gray line tours. this isn't just a tourist experience, it's really an educational experience, right? >> it's like peeling an onion. the border has many different layers. you only get to see the top few, when you see the news or read the paper. this is meant to show you as many layers in a day and give you a well-rounded view of what goes on there. >> many different layers, it goes on for seven hours. people came from minnesota and it costs less than 100 bucks. >> shepard: seven hours? what do border agents think about that? >> yeah. you know, we were curious 'cause they're kind of on display in some respects. but when you have a chance to talk with them off the camera,
4:25 pm
because they can't officially comment on camera because of private industry, they'll tell you they like it 'cause people are learning about what they do and seeing it firsthand. the border agent union did talk on camera and agreed with that. take a listen. >> it's good to learn and see what's really going on. i think the people that come and they see stuff like that, they get a view of an unfiltered view and i think that's what's important. >> one unfiltered view we saw was a guy who jumped the fence, sliding down the pole and got arrested while we were walking loan the fence line. >> shepard: good grief. adam housley, thanks. a medical helicopter crashed next to a nursing home. two people are dead a third critical. oklahoma city, fire chief says the pilot and another person died. employees from the nursing home pulled the other crew member from the wreckage. residents say they heard a loud boom and immediately called 911. no word what caused it.
4:26 pm
the oil giant b.p. is getting ready to fight the united states government, fight it over focus penalties for the oil spill that contaminated the gulf's south. 11 men died when the deep water horizon oil rig exploded and sank nearly three years ago. the catastrophe also triggered an enormous environmental disaster. the millions of barrels of oil that spewed from the well devastated the gulf's tourism and fishing industries. other people lost their livelihoods. this monday, bp and government lawyers are scheduled to go to court in new orleans to fight over how much money bp should pay. bp's already agreed to pay more than $4 billion to settle criminal charges related to the spill. but monday is a civil case. b.p.'s lawyers have not settled. they say that the government demands are excessive. that claims the company was grossly negligent are just not true and that this was tragic accident. except that they pleaded guilty.
4:27 pm
by accident, that's up to the court. fox news will thereby for the trial starting monday. the olympic track star oscar pistorius is free to go for now, but with a full murder trial looming. both sides are painting different pictures. ahead you'll hear are from a reporter who went with the sprinter to a gun range. plus, a businessman says he's working to free the doctor who helped the united states government track down osama bin laden. his campaign could take center stage on oscar night. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight a groundbreaking car. good. then invent an entirely new way to buy one. no. no. no. yes! a website that works like a wedding registry. but for a car. first, you customize it. then let people sponsor the car's parts as gifts. dad sponsors the engine for your birthday. grandma sponsors the rims for graduation.
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[ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. >> shepard: rescuers rushing people. our top stories we go around the world in 80 seconds. greece. torrential downpours hammered athens with more than two inches of rain in just a few hours. that's more than the city usually gets in a month. photos capture the moment locals pulled a woman to safety as raging water lashed her vehicle. officials say at least one person died of a possible heart attack just after a similar rescue. peru. police in the capital city of lima say they busted a gang of robbers who hit cars stuck in traffic. the crook ripped off passengers and drivers unable to get away in congested streets. cops made cervelas and seized a
4:32 pm
home made hand gun: china. two earthquakes hours apart rocked two provinces in the south. the 4.8 and 4.2 quakes reportedly damaged or destroyed several homes. local officials have sent workers to survey the aftermath. kosovo. terra-cotta figurines date to go 4,000 bc back on display. officials say they believe somebody stole the artifacts. police in germany found them several years ago in a gym bag at a restaurant. no word on any arrests and that's a wrap on this fox report around the world in 80 seconds. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news.
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the blade runner oscar pistorius out from behind bars for the first time in more than a week. a judge in south africa set him free on $113,000 bail today. the blade runner accused of murdering his magazine model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he says it was all an accident. earlier today i spoke with a journalist who interviewed pistorius. he says he often had trouble sleeping, so what did he do? he went to a gun range to relax when he couldn't sleep. the journalist says pistorius showed him how to shoot, but was never weird about it. he also mentioned pistorius has a bit of a wild side. >> he had a risk taking streak. oscar drives his car, which is a race car, it's not something you can even get at a normal dealership. literally 150 miles an hour. he crashed his speedboat. he race dirt bikes. i mean, this is a guy with a lot of physical daring. soy worried about him hurting himself. i didn't see him hurting someone else. >> shepard: certainly didn't see
4:34 pm
him killing someone either. but that's exactly what the blade runner admits he did. the story he's telling now about his girlfriend's death on valentine's day is completely different from what prosecutors are presenting. jonathan hunt in our news room in new york. >> there is no argument here on the facts that oscar pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend, but there are two very different pictures of how and why it happened. first of all, the run up to the shooting at his home in a gated community. pistorius says he and steenkamp were asleep. the prosecution says not so and claims that neighbors several hundred feet away heard them arguing for perhaps as much as two hours prior to the shooting. as for the shooting itself, take a look at this mockup. pistorius claim he woke up, thought there was an intruder in the bathroom, so without attaching his prosthetic legs, got his gun, hauled himself to that bathroom and fired the fatal shots. prosecutors said he knew full well it was steenkamp in the
4:35 pm
bathroom, took the time to attach those legs, walked to the bathroom and fired, intending to kill her. they also said pistorius' gun was under steenkamp's side of the bed, so when he reached for it, he must have seen she was not in that bed. pistorius simply says it was dark in the bedroom. he assumed she was there asleep. then there is the aftermath. the prosecution says there were no calls for help to the police or ambulance service on any of the four cell phones they found in the bathroom and bedroom. pistorius says he called the manager of the housing complex and asked him to call for an ambulance. he have also called a private paramedic service he says he made those calls on a fifth phone that the cops didn't find. all of this will eventually be heard not bay jury, as there are none in south africa trials, but bay single judge who will decide whether it was as pistorius claims a tragic accident or as the prosecution says, murder in
4:36 pm
cold blood. shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt in new york. thanks. we are at a potential tipping point in the civil war in syria. rebel fighters advancing toward central damascus. activists say syrian war planes today attacked their own citizens, attacked the rebel targets near the damascus airport. cross fire in the capitol this week killed dozens of civilians in a city that's avoided much of the violence over the past two years, but no more. analysts say recent attacks in damascus mark the biggest challenge for president assad yet. the united states estimates that civil war led to at least 70,000 deaths. in egypt, an opposition group reports it has a way to deal with president mohammed morsi. send him to space. the group reports it has submitted the islamist leader's name in an on-line contest run by axe body spray to win a free trip to space. they report they did it because no one in the universe can put
4:37 pm
up with blatant lies except for the people of the moon. the opposition accuses president morsi of monopolizing power, silencing moderate and liberal voice. a push to free the man who helped the united states track down osama bin laden now. and to get hollywood to take a stand at its biggest night. this is the man in question. the pakinstani doctor who ran a fake vaccination program for the c.i.a. to collect dna at the terrorist's compound. he's serving 33 years in the pakinstani prison for conspiracy against the state. back in september, he told fox news that pakistan's intelligence agency tortured him, blindfolding him for eight months and handcuffing his hands behind his back for a year. now a california businessman said he's horrified the doctor is still in a prison and with the movie "zero dark thirty" up for oscars, he's asking the cast and crew of all the best picture nominees to draw attention to that doctor's situation.
4:38 pm
dominic is live in our west coast news hub this afternoon. >> that philanthropist is rosh hashanah. he says the doctor is america's abandoned hero and hoping hollywood radio weather use that to shed light on his torment. he place add full page ad in the hollywood reporter calling on the makers and the stars of "zero dark thirty," along with other oscar nominees to bring his plight to the world's attention. fox news was the first to interview him from his prison cell where he told us he was being tortured by the pakinstani authority. he's making a desperate plea for help this very week as well. losh and his wife say with a billion people around the world watching the academy awards, those who told that story behind the bin laden mission have a responsibility to get the message out there. >> this is how we treat our friends, who is going to help america next time? we need to stand up for the
4:39 pm
doctor and stand up for everyone who is an ally to america. >> well, so far the makers of "zero dark thirty" haven't given us any response to the ad, maybe because they received a roasting from washington over how the movie depicted the c.i.a. waterboarding suspects. but the couple says this is a chance for the producers to put a positive spin on it and possibly help secure the release of the doctor. shep. >> shepard: dominic live in los angeles. speaking of "zero dark thirty," it will have some competition on sunday night. the best picture nominee also includes historical blockbusters "argo" and "lincoln." another big draw is this year's host. the academy chose seth macfarlane, the guy behind the show "family guy" over on big fox. he's known for pushing humor, well, to the limit. during the nomination ceremony last month, he cracked a joke about hitler. the show also taken aim at celebrities, many of them sure to be in the audience on sunday night. even if seth macfarlane let's
4:40 pm
the stars off early, we can still expect to see plenty of tears. folks at the web site thank the academy studied hundreds of past acceptance speeches and according to the research, 21% of actors cry when they accept their awards. one out of five. compare that with just 3% of directors and the water works are apparently recent trend. with 71% of the tears falling since 1995. good work. the pentagon's most ex opinionsive weapons program, the most has hit a huge snag. tonight it's grounded an entire fleet of fighter jets and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars could be on the line. plus, the woman who admits she shot her ex-boyfriend, slit his throat and stabbed him 27 times. of course, she doesn't remember the stabbing part. today her attorneys made a last ditch effort to take the death penalty off the table. so how did that go? there is a ruling and it's coming up.
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>> shepard: more great news, we
4:44 pm
could flight delays lasting more than an hour. triggering ripple effects because of this fake thing that's going on in washington. and it is. the transportation secretary ray lahood warns today that could be the new normal unless the president and lawmakers reach a deal to avoid those harsh spending cuts set to take effect one week. secretary lahood added the cuts could force nearly 100 traffic control towers to close entirely. that would likely happen in smaller airports, some of them in tourist friendly areas, like hilton head in south carolina and boca raton. jane certified it's up to the president to force democrats in congress to act. ed henry is live at the white house. i mean, looking for optimism, they could just say never mind, and this would go away. what's wrong with them? >> well, shep, what's interesting is you're right, that the president today was trying to say look, all the posturing has happened on both sides. let's finally come up with a deal.
4:45 pm
he said hope springs eternal when you ask about optimism. the president saying if republicans will meet him halfway on some tax revenues, raising taxes a little bit in terms of deductions and eliminating them and some special tax breaks, we would have a deal. take a listen. >> i've also been very clear that there is an alternative, which is for us to take a balanced approach that i presented where we have more strategic cuts on programs we don't need and we close some tax loopholes that are taking advantage of only by the wealthy and well off. >> as you mentioned, john boehner rejected all of that by saying the president got new tax revenue in that last crisis, the fiscal cliff at the end of last year, the beginning of this year. that's why the republicans are not giving an inch on taxes. they say the president is not serious about spending cuts, so here we are. same place we've been for weeks. >> shepard: and now some dispute, one side this says this is going to happen.
4:46 pm
another side says no it's not. what is that about? >> it's ray lahood laying out all these horrible things he says will affect the flying public. you've got the pentagon saying there will be furloughing people and also now pulled back on sending a ship to the persian gulf. republicans suggesting wait a second, that is gamesmanship here and posturing, so you've got ray lahood saying no, this will be real, and rand paul saying the president is exaggerating. >> the idea that we're just doing this to create some kind of a horrific scare tactic is nonsense. >> i would say balder dash. it's untrue, unfair, dishonest, disingenuous. the president is making stuff up. >> you can see how far apart they are and that's why there is many in washington who think we're likely to have the automatic cuts kick in on march 1 and if there is a big impact, all of a sudden both sides will finally come back to
4:47 pm
the table. >> shepard: balderdash even. give them balderdash. give all of them our best. thanks so much. the pentagon is grounded the entire fleet, all of its f-35 fighter jets. the single most expensive weapons program our military has. military officials say maintenance crews found a cracked engine blade on one jet. so they've grounded all of them as a precaution. the military has spent an estimated $400 billion on the f-35 program alone. officials say the planes will not fly unless and until they find out what caused that crack. arizona supreme court struck down a last ditch effort to take the death penalty off the table tore jody arias, the woman who says she killed her boyfriend in self-defense, stabbed him 27 and that's forgotten. her defense team asked them to throw out the death penalty as a possible punishment, argue a detective purged him -- purgered
4:48 pm
himself in testimony when he confused the order of the shooting and the stabbing. the court denied the motion hours after the defense filed it. so the death penalty still on the table and the trial set to resume on monday. a potential huge development in breast cancer treatment tonight. researchers say this is a first in that it avoids many of those unpleasant side effects. all the details next. plus, trade ago relationship for tuition. some college students using a dating web site to get money for class and books and other things. a dating web site to get cash? not quite that bad. where it's happening and why the web site's founder says no, it's not prostitution hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology
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>> shepard: now the breakthrough that could help breast cancer patients live longer. the feds have just approved a new drug that researchers call a first of its kind. they say this drug targets tumors but doesn't hurt healthy cells. and delivers more medication while cutting down on the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy. the government approved this for the more aggressive form of the disease, which affects 20% of breast cancer patients. researchers say the drug helped them live about 3 1/2 months longer than other chemo. controversy over the way some women are now paying for college. thousands of co-eds are signing up for dating web sites that matches them with rich older men. the so-called sugar daddies help foot the bills, while the women provide companionship. so ohm the on-line -- some of the men pony up thousands of dollars a months. one law maker says this amounts to prostitution. the web site's founder says, hang on now. phil keating should know.
4:53 pm
he's in our south florida news room. this seems to be especially popular among southern universities, philip. >> indeed. florida with four universities represented in seeking sugar lifestyle. georgia state, nyu, temple, arizona state, as well as georgia. plus more. the las vegas-based dating web site has a seen an explosion of young female college students matching up intentionally with rich older men their sugar daddies. it says, 80% of the time, the relationships do, in fact, involve sex. >> he spoils me a lot and i love it. [ laughter ] >> nina says clothing, books, a laptop, all supplied by her 62-year-old sponsor who is in it for six grand so far. she's a 20-year-old sophomore at florida international university and here is a typical date. >> he takes me to the movies and then after he puts me to the
4:54 pm
grill, and then after that he rents a hotel. so we stay there a couple of hours. he surprised me with flowers and candy and we kiss, cuddle. >> but at least one florida lawmakers calls this quid pro quo prostitution. he sent a letter to the state a.g. hoping to shut web site down, which the target calls an overreaction. >> just because the two are involved in a romantic relationship does not make the romantic relationship prostitution. >> none of the schools we contacted would comment to us on camera as none of them actually condone this sugar lifestyle. >> shepard: all right, phil. at least lawmakers got something important to deal with down there, phil. >> you got that right. >> shepard: yes, sir. have a good weekend. it's warm down there. all eyes on great american race and the first woman ever to win the top starting position for any nascar sprint cup. danica patrick is on the pole and the rest of the field set for the daytona 500 this sunday on the fox broadcast network.
4:55 pm
danica patrick's crew chief says she's chosen to start from the outside lane. he says it's working well for drivers this week. of course, danica patrick win, she makes big history. no woman has ever won a sprint cup race. lindsey vaughn says hershey getting better, but shouldn't have been racing when she hurt it in the first place. she spoke with reporters about her progress after undergoing knee surgery. that was after this season ending spill during a race in austria earlier this month. she says officials who delayed the race several times should have called it off because of dangerous fog and loose snow. she says that's 100% the reason she crashed. the race continued even after lindsey vonn's fall. only when it became too dark did officials call it off. 1 million-mile an hour winds. they're blowing from the sun, right into the earth's atmosphere and it all makes for quite a sight. coming up, a stunning look at the northern lights
4:56 pm
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>> shepard: mighty fine video of a colorful light show in the night sky. northern lights over weeden. a photographer has been filming them all month. he says he saw shows like this every night for nearly two weeks. we've reported on how activity on the surface of the sun is reaching a peak, triggering solar flares and other phenomena. astronomers say we'll see the northern lights when solar particles hit the earth's upper atmosphere and they predict that these light shows will get even more intense later this year. cool critter time. it's a very tiny critter indeed. take a look at this rare baby night monkey. yes, night monkey. a worker at a wildlife center in colombia has taken the role of surrogate mother to this thing. she keeps the five inch long premate, 24 hours a day. mostly tucked in a wool how much inside her coatment. since it's too young to walk. before we go, our team's top five things of the

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